Local Communities

Because of the University of Maryland's suburban location between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, and its easy access to numerous forms of public transportation, University of Maryland students live throughout the metropolitan area. In addition to the approximately 12,000 students who live on campus, thousands of others live close to campus within walking distance or a short ride on Shuttle-UM. The descriptions below will introduce you to some of our local communities. Please note that this is a representative selection of communities and is not intended to describe all of the many communities in the metropolitan area.

Each community's description on the following web pages contains a link to GoogleMaps, where in addition to maps of various scales, you can search for "Nearby" businesses and other local services. We also suggest that you compare communities and neighborhoods using HomeFair. This useful website permits you to retrieve "City Reports" that compare communities by demographics, cost of living, education/health, and major employers.

While we offer basic information about various communities, each community's web site will contain the most current and detailed material.   In our community listings, we have also attempted to give basic approximations of the total distance from campus. This distance will vary, however, depending on what side of the city you reside in. In addition to considering distance from campus, it is useful to approximate your actual commute time to and from campus whether you are walking, bicycling, driving, or taking public transportation.

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Communities 1-2 Miles from Campus
Communities 3-6 Miles from Campus
Communities 6-10 Miles from Campus
Communities 10 or More Miles from Campus