Campus Resources for Transfer Students

Welcome to the University of Maryland! 
As a Transfer student you have several options when searching for your housing. Though it may be challenging to find housing on campus, there are many off-campus options available. In fact, if you're transfering for the Spring semester, many current students are eager to sublease or release their apartments due to graduation, study abroad or other reasons. If you're interested in helping out these students,  select "sublet" under the Listing Type in the Housing tab of the OCH Database to see who is looking for a subletter. In addition the the OCH Database the University offers the following resources for Transfer students:

Transfer and Off-Campus Student Life
Off-Campus Student Life provides services to support and enhance the educational experience of students who live off-campus.

Transfer Orientation Program
Winter and summer orientation programs offer specific sessions related to off-campus housing services and life as an off-campus student.

Transfer Credit Center
The Transfer Credit Center aims to facilitate the evaluation of credit for transfer students, as well as provide information and assistance to transfer advisors and potential students.
Department of Resident Life
The Department of Resident Life provides on-campus housing to many first and second year University of Maryland undergraduate students. For transfer-specific information, click here.

University Affiliated Housing
South Campus Commons and the Courtyards are University-affiliated apartment communities for undergraduate students. These Public-Private Partnerhsips are located on campus land, and are University partners, but are privately managed.

Department of Dining Services
The Department of Dining Services provides information about dining plans such as Terrapin Express, restaurant locations, as well as additional information about eating on campus.

Department of Transportation Services
The Department of Transportation Services provides information about parking permits, Shuttle-UM, carpooling, paratransit services and much more.

Do you have a question that was not answered here? Please call Off-Campus Housing Services at (301) 314-3645 or e-mail us at and we will be happy to assist you.