Communities 1-2 Miles From Campus

Communities 1-2 Miles from Campus

Berwyn Heights  (map)
The Town of Berwyn Heights consists of nearly 3,000 residents who live in 1,050 single-family homes.   Most students who live here share homes with several students.  It is a quiet neighborhood, just east of Route 1.   Many students walk or bike to campus.  

University Park (map)
Adjacent to the campus, University Park is a small, quiet, tree-lined community of 915 single-family homes and 2,300 residents.   It has a traditional "small town" atmosphere and a strong sense of community.   Numerous faculty and staff live in University Park.   There are a limited number of homes for rent, which can be shared by several students.

Riverdale Park  (map)
Located east of Route 1 about 2 miles closer to Washington, D.C. than University Park, Riverdale Park is an economically and culturally diverse community of about 5,000 residents.   There are four apartment complexes and numerous single-family homes that date from the late19th century to the present.   Riverdale is connected to the campus by the F4 and F6 Metrobus routes, which come right through the campus and also serve the College Park Metrorail Station.   Prince George's County TheBus Route 14 travels from Riverdale Park to the College Park Metrorail station, where it meets Shuttle-UM.

Adelphi   (map)
Adjacent to the campus' west side is the Adelphi neighborhood, which includes several garden apartment complexes and numerous single-family homes.   Many students live in this community, within easy walk, bike, or commute via the Shuttle-UM's Adelphi route. The C8 Metrobus serves Adelphi and travels to campus and the College Park Metrorail Station. Adelphi's diverse community provides many opportunities for living, shopping, and dining.

Langley Park   (map)
Less than a mile west of the campus, Langley Park is a 0.8 square-mile area bounded by the Montgomery-Prince George's County line on the west, University Boulevard on the south, and Northwest Branch on the north and east.   Its population of 20,000 consists predominantly of immigrants from many countries.   It is a multicultural neighborhood consisting of apartments, townhouses, and single-family homes in relatively high density.   Langley Park is well served by Shuttle-UM's Silver Spring Metro route and by the J4C2/C4 and F8 Metrobus routes.